Sunday, December 27, 2009

Love and Dorkyness

Love and Dorkyness
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Hey all you voluputous vixens out there! It's Sunday and I don't have to go back to work until 12/31. That's cool, now I have the next couple of days to relax and work on myself.

Gee, I think if I worked full time I probaly wouldn't have time to be blogging. And honestly, I think most of the people who read my blog also have way more time on their hands too. Just a hunch. Anyhoo.

The highlight for today was when this really cute guy at work was flirting with me hardcore. For realz. I went to the back of the restaurant to fill up the ice buckets and this one chef followed me back to the storage area to change into his work clothes. I asked him if he wanted me to leave so he could change in private and he said, "no, that's cool" . He smiled real big when he said that so I was like, "okay, so then do you mind if I peak back like this while you're changing" , and then he said, "that's cool" . OMG! So then I was all, "how was your Xmas" , you know, to make it not so obvious that I was checking him out the whole time. So while we're talking, he was totally just doing his thing right in front of me. I think that's the sexiest thing a guy could do in front of anyone. It's sooo hot. It's like watching a guy take off his belt right before doing the nasty. But at any rate, there really wasn't anything to look at because he was all covered up. That's how I could tell he was a real homeboy from the hood. Instead of wearing regular underwear like briefs or boxers, he was wearing basketball trunks underneth. I hate to stereotype but I think if he was White, he would've been wearing blue underwear with Kalvin Klein on the waistband.

So when I finished filling up my ice buckets, I was standing there like, "wow, what a really cool ice machine, huh" ?

Somehow we started talking about partying and he asked me why I don't party. And then I was like, "because I'm just waiting for someone to ask me out" . This is where I start going in for the kill. That was my hint for him to man up and ask me out the right way. And then of course in classic Charlie Ballard form, he zips up his pants and goes back to work. Okay honestly, that's not how it ended. Really, as soon as I finished filling up my ice, I bolted out've there like a bat out've hell.

I'm such a putz.

So what do you guys think I should do the next time I see him, should I:
A) flash him my titty's
B) act stuck up
C) say, "hey baby, the party's in my pants and you're all invited" , in which case the whole kitchen crew is invited
D) get over my inner teenage girl anxieties and face him like a real woman


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