Sunday, January 31, 2010

Status Updates

For the past minute, I've been leaving personal messages on all my favorite facebook peeps and since there's too many of you, here's the jist of all the messages I was going to leave you guys:

1) OMG, you look skinny in your default pic!
2) OMG, look at my default pic, don't I look skinny?
3) I'm missing you right now.
4) send me some frybread
5) did I ever tell that you your man made a move on me back in the 90's?
6) I really do miss you!
7) Bitch, you ain't that stuck to be up, stop by and say hi sometime!
8) You are very dear to me, never forget that!
9) I always knew someday you'd make an awesome mom!
10) seriously, invest in some tweazer's!


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