Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Estelle Tweeted Me

I am so loving Twitter right now. There's alot of really cool celebs that have been twittering back with me lately. This last one is from Estelle. If anyone doesn't know who she is, she the dope-est thing to come out've the UK since the Beattles. Adele and Amy Whinohouse can't hold a candle to this chick, yup, she's that much of a bad ass. Does anyone who lives under a rock not know the song, "American Boy" ? Normally, when I listen to a new artist first CD, I don't listen to all of there music tracks because most of them are one hit wonders but not Estelle, her whole alblum was dope. I'm series, she mixes so many different types of genres in her music, it's off the hook.

So here were my tweets with her!

@EstelleDarlings Hey Darling, I just watched this American Idol chick kill one of your cover songs for her audition! It was dope !!! xoxo

@EstelleDarlings Hey doll, I have to admit, I rarely listen to any artists CD all the way through, but with Shine, I couldn't put it down

@EstelleDarlings don't worry about making hits, just keep making your music from the heart and you'll do fine! xoxo

@CharlieBallard thats all i ever do...gotta be able to sing em.

@EstelleDarlings I really do love your music but not enough to get a tatoo of you. *winks*

@EstelleDarlings but I will buy an estelle tshirt, which reminds me, the last time I saw you in SF, your merch booth didn't have my size

@EstelleDarlings us big girls like to wear cute estelle tshirts too - XXL !! xoxo

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