Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fat Tuesday Was A Bust

Did anyone do Fat Tuesday tonight? Fat Tuesday is generally known as the last night to purge your sins before every Christian gives up something for lint.

I did the Castro Mardi Gras this year and I was not feeling the vibe tonight. Last year the Castro was hopping on Fat Tuesday night and tonight it felt like a ghost town.

On the flipside, I was lucky enough to run into Travis's crew tonight. I was actually headed up to the LookOut Bar and I decided to step into the Club 440 for a quick second and that's when I was saw Travis's boyfriend - Thomas, making his rounds inside 440. And the next thing you know, we hopped over to the Mix to watch his friends play pool.

There's two queer native queens that I always look forward to seeing around town and I found one of them tonight.

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