Monday, February 8, 2010

fish in the sea you know how i feel

"Butterflies out having fun you know what I mean" ... - Nina Simone

I'm currently under a Nina Simone spell. I love Nina so much.

It's Monday and I finally picked up my headshots in the Castro. Now I can finally send of my press kit to the Gathering of Nations Stage 49 venue. I wish they'd get with the times and do everything threw email but I think Indians are better off taking care of business the old fashioned way, so I'll be sending my press kit to them by pony.

Oh, it's a Nina Simone update, right now I'm now listening to "Cherish" . I'm feeling so smooth, silky, and soulful right now. It must be Nina doing that to me.

Here's another one of my favorites from Nina - "OOh Child" !!!

luvs it!

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