Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Big Brother

I normally don't like to blog about my brother because his personal life is none of nobody's business but today is his birthday. He is exactly 37 years old today.

If anything, I'm very protective of him, even in my act. I think I have probaly have one good joke about him in my routine. He knows I do comedy and he has ideas about what I talk about.

Oh, this is funny. If anyone has a reason to hate Margaret Cho, it's my brother. I may have blogged this before but I'm going to blog it again.

When I started doing comedy back in 2003, I use to watch tons of DVD's and tapes of other comedians. And because Margaret Cho was one of my favorite comedians at the time, I use to watch her first one woman show, "I'm The One That I Want" , over and over again until I understood how she put her jokes together, and seriously, I relentlessly watched her tapes until I got her timing and character down packed. And while this was happening, my brother would wonder out've his room into the kitchen looking for snacks in a drunken stooper and he'd see me watching the tube and would say, "Margaret Cho again" ? In fact, it got the point where if I didn't want to watch tv with my brother in the living room, all I had to was pop in a Margaret Cho tape and my brother would high tail back into his room to play his radio.

Is this not the most classic example of brotherly love ever?

My bro came out to one of my shows last year and I thought that was pretty cool. After the show he shook my hand and we all went home. ♥

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