Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oh Know He Didn't

Okay so lastnight I was hanging out at the Hollywood Improv Comedy Club and was watching the Men's Figure skating final.

I was really sad that Johnny Weir didn't medal. He gave a flawless final long program that went unrewarded. At the end of his performance, one of his fans gave me a head reef made out've roses and when he put it on, it was sooooo him.

So anyhoo, as I was watching Johnny skate, I was literally hanging onto every last breath because I wanted him to do well. Johnny Weir makes figure skating interesting. He has the personality, celebrity, and talent to back it up, and lastnight, he sure lived up to it.

His performance was probaly the closest thing Men's Figure skating will ever see to American flair and flamboyance.

So anyhoo, I was quietly cheering for Johnny under every breath saying stuff like, "you go girl" , for every jump he completed and you guys would not believe who was cheering for Johnny Weir too.

Does anyone know who comedian Bo Burnham is? He's a youtube viral video sensation whose known for his piano comedy songs.

Seriously, Bo was right behind me gasping and clutching the pearls the whole time just like I was.

I actually thought that was kind've awesome.

Here's one of Bo's youtube's video's below. On a side not, he's one tall motherfucker. Seriously. There's a reason why his big ass sits behind a piano, it's to cover his big ass feet.


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