Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 6 - Toronto

I'm so ready to leave Toronto. I was ready to leave Thursday and I tried to but it was too expensive to change my airfare reservations so I decided to stay for the remainder of the trip.

This will be the last time I go this far for a comedy competition. After all is said and done, I'm glad I'm came to Canada. I really did have a great visit and still feel a little sour over the way the competition ended so abruptly for me. But then again, what other comic in competition that got bounced early didn't feel the same way. Just so there's no animosity, I really do want to wish congrats to all the finalist, they chose the right people.

I must've gained atleast 5 lbs since I've been in Canada. I can't remember a time where I ate so much and shit so little. I've been making sure to eat at all the places that catch my eye and to always try something new.

Lastnight I was hanging out at the Comedy Monkey Bar off Bloor st. It seemed very NYC to me because it was a basement club. Afterwards, I walked back through the neighborhood to see what was going on and I came to the conclusion that most Canadians must have car coolant in there veins because I was the only walking around with a scarf and earmuff's. I guess living in cold weather does that to you.

Lastnight was definitely a highlight in the hostel. Some young Australian revelers came back late and were raising cain with everyone. That was honestly the most fun I've had in a while. One of them, went back to his room, stripped down to the buck, covered himself in blanket, came back and was flashing everyone in the tv room. OMG, that was so funny. That sure did a big smile on my face.

This afternoon, I came back from the "World's Biggest Book" , store in Toronto. I have to say I feel pretty inspired. I was reading Charlie Murphy's autobiography, "The Making of a Stand Up Guy" , and how he broke into the entertainment industry. There were some passages in the book where I thought to myself, "yup, I did that, and I'm going threw that right now" .

I must facebook or myspace Charlie Murphy to express my gratitude, that book was a real pick me upper for today.

With that ya'll, I'm out!


p.s. below is quick note I sent to Charlie Murphy:
Dear Charlie Murphy,
I just got threw reading some of your new book and it was a great read. There were some parts in there that I could really relate too like getting booed by a large crowd and how you persevered, thanks, that was really inspiring!

p.p.s and in one of those passages, his brother Eddie told him that Richard Pryor, Red Foxx, Bernie Mac, and some other notables got booed off the stage too, so come to think of it, in that respect, I'm really not in bad company at at! :-)

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