Friday, March 19, 2010

If only it was that easy

I was on recently and had this really great converstaion with this guy named Jay, he's pictured above and from Romania. This conversation couldn't of come at a better time, I was really in need of some cheering up! Anyhoo, he's really cute, so check our converstaion, enjoy:

jay_woo: i`m new here
jay_woo: just chattin
jay_woo: you?
Me: same
Me: just looking to chat and meet new people
Me: what time is it in Romania?
jay_woo: 1 a clock soon
Me: am or pm
jay_woo: it`s night
Me: oh, so you're up late
jay_woo: i will go too sleep soon
jay_woo: ;)
Me: that's cool
Me: i know what that feels like
Me: thanks for saying hi
Me: xoxo
jay_woo: not cool
jay_woo: i sleep alone
jay_woo: ;)
Me: too bad you're not with me
Me: i'd snuggle up with you
Me: :)
jay_woo: :)
Me: I'm sure I could keep you warm
Me: you're too cute to be single
Me: what's your problem?
jay_woo: i don`t know either
Me: haha
Me: well you know what
Me: i think we could just be a match
jay_woo: yeah, yeah
jay_woo: marry me
jay_woo: ;)
Me: yes
Me: haha
Me: thank you for asking
Me: now I can die
Me: i've always wanted another guy to ask my hand in marriage
Me: finally.....

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