Friday, March 19, 2010

Taking No Prisoners

Alright guys, my performance ego took a big hit this weekend. Maybe it was karma, maybe it was because the America's Got Talent audience simotamously didn't have there coffee at the same time, or just maybe it wasn't meant to be. But one thing for sure, it wasn't what some shitty astrology column was saying on the flight back to Oakland.

On the flight home I was reading the syndicated astrology column, "Free Will" , by Rob Brezny. Here's what he had to say for my Tauras group:

Tauras (April 20 - May 20)

Some people are here on the planet to find success, while others are here to find themselves. In the big scheme of things, I'm not sure which category you fit into, Taurus. But I'm pretty sure that for the next few weeks you'll be best served by acting as if you're the latter. Even if you think you've found yourself pretty completely in the past, it's time to go searching again: There are new secrets to be discovered, in large part because you're not who you used to be. So for now at least, I encourage you to give your worldly ambitions a bit of a rest as you intensify your self-explorations.

Are you serious? I thought I was done finding myself back in the 90's, you know, like when I came out've the closet, sobered up, and got serious about finishing college. And I'm pretty damn sure I found myself again when I decided to be a stand up comedian.

And no, I'm giving up my worldly ambitions because I have too much drive, passion, and determination not to give up. Smoke that. This makes me mad. I don't care what planet's my houses are in. I refuse to have my life decision's dictated to me like they know what's going to make me successful or not.

I'm charging ahead regardless, and I'm still going to remain positive, upbeat, perky, and unabashed. I haven't given up and I'm still going for it!


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