Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another Margaret Cho Dream

Does anyone else dream about this bitch or is it just me?

Before I get into what happened, these are the events that lead up to my dream. Whenever I get home from long day at work, I'm always sure to take a hot shower before I go to bed. Mostly because I can't fall alseep good if I feel sticky, warm or hot from an exhaustive day at work. Lastnight was no exception, I took a shower and my bed linen felt light and fluffy, knocking me straight into REM land and plus I was sure to add a cool cover right on top of my base wool linen. As it turned out, I used the right combination of blankets to put me to sleep.

So anyhoo, back to the dream, this was actually a fun one. We were at a motel with a big pool. I saw her walking around the poolside acting all snooty and I was like, "whatever" . So she was standing right by the pool and I said, "hey Margaret, is it okay if I push you in" ? She didn't respond and instead she just stood there with a mischievous look on her face. So I took that as a yes and proceeded to push her in the pool. After I pushed her in, I let out a personal scream and said to myself, "OMG, I can't believe I just pushed Margaret Cho into the pool" ! And then I just laughed. I remember the sun being out and it was such a bright day outside.

So in the next scene she was coming out've the pool and I was hanging out with her entourage by the stairs. She was walking towards the stairs and I was like, "hey Margaret, can I take a picture with you" , and in true Margaret Cho form, she kept walking. I think I remember her entourage chuckling after she snubbed me.

End of dream.

Now mind you guys, in real life, she'd probably stop and to take a picture with any of her adoring fans but since the only impressions I've made upon her are that of annoyance, I guess that's what I've come to expect from her, and trust me, she delivers everytime.

Thinking back on it, I really did get pleasure from innocently pusing her into the pool. That's so me.

And honestly, tonight I really don't care who or what I dream about, just as long as it's entertaining. I just got home from working a long 12 hour shift and my corns are killing me. So if she wants to come back into my dreams again tonight, then I'm sure I can find something else to push that bitch into.


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