Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dancing Again

I use to dance a lot in the castro and somewhere along the way I lost my urge to get down.

Lastnight I managed to bust a move @ Club Q in the Castro and had a pretty good time. Club Q used to be the Phoenix, and then it was the Bar on Castro, and now it's the Q. It's still the same place but now it's been remodeled into a video bar. Instead of everyone checking each other out now they stare at the tv monitors.

DJ Jorge Terez was booming his hip/hop and R & B sounds. That man sure knows how to make me dance. I wasn't not feeling when I got there but as soon as he started bouncing the rythms, I was like, "hey now" !

While the other young queens were bopping there little hearts out, I was doing my old school strut and all slow & sexy. It was cute, "hey now" !

In other news, this week I'll be working with some SF comedians for a sketch comedy vlog on afterelton.com

I'll post those video's as they come along!


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