Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Date Night

Ladies... have you ever had this happen to you... you're on a date with a guy, everything going's great, he educated, pick's up the tab, opens the door for you, charming, is a complete gentlemen during the whole night and then right at the end he says to you, "I have HPV, most people get turned off by that, are you okay with that" ? That happend to me lastnight and then I was like, "oh..." . Then he asked if I wanted to hang out again and then I was like, "no... I have to go do a triathlon in the morning" ...

Happy hunting everyone!


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  1. 80% of the population has HPV and most have no idea because they don't get tested for it. When was the last time you asked for an HPV test? I've had it, I don't have it now. For women it can cause cancer and when you get it they cut out the infected area. They took like half my cervix. I hope that means it's harder for me to get pregnant. Happy Hunting!