Saturday, May 15, 2010

Good Day

There's nothing like jamming out to my youtube Sade playlist @ 3am in the morning. This was a long fuckin day today. On the brightside, I did manage to make some money in tips, on the downside I have to wake up in another 6 hours to re-apply my eyebrows and go back to work. I'm tempted to not do them and but then again I really do need people to tip me.

I'm home late again because like a dumb ass I decided to stay in SF and catch the late bus back to Oakland. I went and saw Patrice O'Neal at Cobb's Comedy Club. Patrice is actually one of my favorite working comics. He is a breath of fresh air. I've heard people say that about me and now I know what they mean.

Today started off really good. I got a great phone call from a potential booker so we'll see how that plays out. I'll release the details as they come in.

It was actually today's horoscope in the SF Examiner that inspired this blog, it said - I'm able to personally overcome anything that life's throws at me, within reason. That really struck a cord because of how the entertainment business has been throwing curve balls at me lately. You know, sometimes these horoscopes can be so kryptic, I wish they were more literal like today's a good day to fuck without a condom or you should really think about getting a career in fast food because you're fuckin stupid.

Anways, it's getting late, nite.

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