Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gorgeous Day

It is such a gorgeous day outside in the Bay Area. I can't wait to go running later today.
My dieting is going good for the most part but I'm still having problems with the little splurges here and there. Right now Taco Bell is having this super 2$ deal for a taco, drink, and a bag of dorito's. Are you fucking kidding me, who can pass that up?
I never understood why women like to bargin shop but it became clear to me when I saw the words, "Value meal and 2$" , together in the same sentence.
I didn't do too bad today. I know I have to go running to balance out today's intake.
What else? I was hanging out at the Deluxe lastnight and had a good seminar from Kori Ono and Big Al Gonzales on how to put together my DVD taping later this August. I'm so excited about that! I've really did put this project on hold and didn't want to attack until I was completely ready. I've never felt more than ready to do until now. The show will be a mix a new material and old stuff I need to get on tape.

Alright ya'll! Have a great day!


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