Monday, May 31, 2010

Maya Arulpragasam

Hey Peeps! Here's one of new favorite music idols - M.I.A, I've been hearing her in the gay clubs for a while and finally followed up on her. She's good, her personality is exactly what she looks like, spunky, political, colorful, exotic, and so on.

M.I.A. is also known as Maya Arulpragasam, she was born in England and is of Sri Linkan decent. Below is the first song she ever wrote, "Galang" , that made her a superstar. Well really, it was her other song, "Paper Planes" , from the movie soundtrack, "Slumdog Millionaire" , that put her over the top. What's really funny is, she didn't even want to be a musician, her chosen art is filmmaking.

Awesome, I'd love to see one of her films someday!

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