Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How Juicely got her groove back

If you guys really wanna know how Juicely got her groove back well then you're just going to have to ask her yourself. But let's just say, she's been smiling real big lately! Go Girl!

This girl sure know how's to pick me when I need it, below is a little note that she sent to me.!

JUICELY WROTE: omg, whats happened. i know ur not busy. think back to why ppl were checkin u out. now ur like almost nonexistant... u might as well get back to lettin us know what ur doin n who u want to do it with. u know sumthing that made ppl want to get online and see what and where with char ballard.. its not old and it wasnt old. it will bring back life and harmony to ppl around who was all about : omg, lets see whats chars up to today: well gurl ttyl

Me: tanks girl but I took a min break, i still post blogs but not like I use to

JUICELY WROTE: yea i noticed. im online but not like i use to either. but its ur blogs that put like a smile or a hint of sumthing good on my mind. esp. the funny ones.. well hope ur having a fab. week. ttyl

ME: Thank You for saying that, I really appreciate it! xoxo

p.s. by the way, I'm blogging this! ♥

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