Monday, May 17, 2010


Hey guys, a Professor from Long Beach State wants to include me in an article he's writing, that's really cool, here's his note and my response:
Hi Charlie,
I hope you are well. I'm still amazed by that dancer we saw in West Hollywood and laughing at your jokes you'd told earlier that evening. Anyways, I'm beginning to write a little about your gay Native act for a publication, saying how it is critical of gay white racism. Is that cool? (Actually I'm contrasting your work to an 80's film with Village People and The Indian, Felipe Rose that tried to be funny but couldn't quite get there most of the time. I might "drag" Cher's Half Breed Blues into the conversation as well in terms of "playing Indian" in performace.) Can I identify you by nation(s), if so which one(s)?
Take care,
Hi Gabriel, that's fine.
You're welcome to interpret my act however you'd like, different people get different points of view from it. Most of my signature jokes about being Gay & Native American are based on the American Indian experience and stereotypes. When I first started writing my act, I began incorporating my gay experiences with the Native American genre to try and relate to other people. I was sure there were other queer minorites that could identify with what it feels be treated like a fetish/minstrel in our mainstream society. And not just by them, but we also also do it to each other as well.

I'd love to read your article when it's done, please send me a link or copy when it's finished, all the best!

p.s. I'm Anishnabe and Sac/Fox

Hi Hi Hi Bye Bye Bye !!

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