Saturday, May 8, 2010

Week 2

Holy Shit I lost 4lbs this week! I did manage to slip here and there this week but nothing too major. Lastnight we went and saw Iron Man 2 and instead of having my usual Big Ass Slurpee, Nachos, and Popcorn, I just had water and maybe a couple handfuls of popcorn. We usually finish off the whole bag but this time there was 3/4 still left. Amazing.

I feel so proud of myself! See what happens when you really apply yourself to a goal. It works and I'm not even put off by the 22 weeks left on my diet challenge, at this rate, I'll be posing for Marie Claire in no time. *smiles*

Alright, I'm going to still keep what I'm doing and I would encourage the all of you to do the same!

Today's Weigh in: 259


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