Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Where did all my readers go?

I went running again tonight. I know it's only been 5 days since I started my new diet but I can already feel myself getting lighter. It must be because I'm eating lighter food. Today I had a salad with no cheese and no sour cream. I got my munchie attack late this evening and cooled it down with some spicy seeds, banana's, and water. Not gonna lie, I did eat a leftover taco, only cause my ma brought it home a couple days ago and put it in the fridge, it was still good.

In other news my readership severly dropped these past couple of weeks. Good! I'm hoping you guys are doing something productive and meaningful with your lives, not that I don't want you guys reading blogs, I just don't want you guys to be consumed by it or anything else on the web.

After my run I went a did an open mic in SF. It actually turned out pretty fun considering the circumstances. By the time I got on, there was large loud Filipino crowd hovering at the bar. Those mutherfucker's were loud. I'm telling you guys, Filipino's are the new black people. So when it was my turn to go up, I did my new stuff and then put the focus on the crowd. That turned out to be really fun. I was like, "Where are all my Filipino's at" , "Daly City's in the House" , "Damn, there's hella Filipino's in here, what, did a DJ die or something" ?! In case some of you guys are wondering what those references were about, the Bay Area is divided up into ethnic ghetto's and the majority of Filipino's live in two large areas - Daly City in South San Francisco & Union City in the East Bay. And plus Filipino's are notorious for being DJ's. OMG, it was classic, not only did I shut them all up but I also managed to corral them upstairs to the dance area, which is where I think they were headed in the first place.

Alright ya'll, check back later to see if I succomb to cupcakes!


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