Saturday, June 26, 2010


It's the beginning SF Pride weekend and I should be somewhere in SF doing something dirty but nope, I got called in to work tomorrow, so I gotta stay home tonight and be well rested so I can make that cash.

Just got back from SF. Tonight I went to the Purple Onion to watch a new comedian perform, her name is Karinda Dobbins. Remember that name people, I really think she's going to be the next funny lady to spring out've the Bay Area.

Afterwards, I had to make a mad dash to the LGBT Center to watch the tail end of the Native dragqueen show. As always, those girls are fabulous. I was really surprised how many girls there were this year. It looks like their numbers are picking up.

Oh man, there was so much food leftover it wasn't even funny. You know this big girl wasn't gonna let all that food go to waste. I must've took home a bagful, that's good, now I don't have to shopping for a week.

I'll be marching this Sunday with the Bay Area Two Spirit contingent, I think we're #54 in the parade line up this year. I can't wait!

Tomorrow I hope I can find time to take a headshot with Adam Bouska, if anyone doesn't know who he is, he's doing a National photo campaign promoting gay marriage. Trust me, if you've ever seen a photo from this series, you'd know his work. They're going to be a the W Hotel tomorrow, right across the street from my work, so I'm hoping I can squeeze an appointment in. I'll post that picture when it becomes available.

I'll also be posting videos and pictures from this weekend, it should be alot of fun!

Okay, here's a quick little prayer for this weekend:

"Dear Creator, as I'm celebrating my 12th year of sobriety this upcoming weekend, I've been good and I know you've seen me try, so please send a little booty my way, amen

p.s. and Lord, peace, goodwill, prosperity, and good feelings to everyone" .

Happy SF Pride everyone!


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