Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Best Tweets This Week

Here are my best Tweets this week via Twitter!


1) I really hope I don't get everything I want in life, otherwise what would be the point in wanting it?

2) when I was 18 all i use to think about was sex, now that i'm 36 years old all i think about are sandwiches

3) I have the best un-used 36 year gay ass in Oakland

4) Bradley Cooper "Face" from the movie A-Team is kind've fine, why can't I meet a guy like that, probably because I don't have real titty's

5) always looking for ways to improve my greener pasture, how about adding corn dog stand?

6) The line of the night, this one mexican queen looks at Kathy Peltier and says, "go and get you some d*ck girl" !! Go Kathy! xoxo

7) if you want to go to Mcdonald's and fuck your diet up with 10 cheeseburgers, retweet this!

8) I'd probably date a Native guy who turns into a werewolf, but where can I find an Indian man that changes into a horse

9) some people get so testy if they follow you and you don't follow them

10) I can't change the past, I can only hope I made the best decisions to make it this far

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