Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Recap

me and Adam Beach pictured above

Alright, let's do the weekend recap. As soon as I pulled into the airport, guess who I saw - Mike Simpson. He's one of my old straight guy friends who I use to party with back at Haskell. What a great surprise.

From there I picked up Kathy and her mom and they went with me to the Buffalo Thunder Casino. Fortunately the casino gave me a business suite and we had more than enough room to accommodate everyone. That room was really nice. I was blown away with the hotel decor and the whole layout. I said it once and I'll say it again, the Buffalo Thunder Casino Resort was one of the Best Top 5 Indian Casino's I've ever stayed in.

After getting settled in Friday evening, me and Kathy took off back to the ALB. We got to Sidewinders late but still it was fun. I really liked Sidewinders because it reminded me of Serape's in Phoenix.

Saturday was cool. My new friend Marissa from Tesuque invited us over to their Corn Dance. I wanted to take pictures but they didn't allow recording of any kind during the event. Man, I have to give it up to the Tesuque Corn dancers, it had to be atleast 95 degree's out and they kept on dancing.

Of course me being Charlie Ballard, I had to inadvertently say something stupid. When we were headed over to Marissa's house, I saw a bunch of people sitting outside on her porch so I looked at them and said, "are you guys all waiting to go inside and eat" ? And as it turned out, those guys were her family and they were just chillin on the porch. My bad. By the way, when we did get around to eating, there homecooking was really good. They had a good spread, 3 different kinds of stew, pueblo enchilada's, fruit salad, and so so much more food.

Afterwards, we rolled back to the casino because I had to prepare for the show. The crowd was great and everyone was awesome! The other performing acts were James & Ernie, Bill Miller and Native Roots.

Around midnite me and my partner in crime, Kathy, took off back to Santa Fe. We went to Milagro's and got turned away because they were having a private party, so as we were asking the bouncer what were the good places to go in town I noticed this cute Native guy checking me out, low & behold guess who it was, it was Native actor Adam Beach. Now when I say he was checking me out, I mean in a way that the general public checks me out. Try to imagine this big flaming Native queen with a nellie ass walk crossing the street in a small town, now you guys can see why he was checking me out.

So anyhoo, we introduced ourselves and chatted with him for a bit. I told him right away, "I was the gay guy who called you on Neyom's blogtalkradio show" , and he remembered that call. He was like, "yeah, you asked some good questions" . After we exchanged pleasentries, I wanted to take a picture with him, so I aggressively grabbed him and he said, "what are you trying to do, marry me" ? Hahah .. he's so funny but I was like, "hey, if doesn't work out, call me" .

So I asked Adam what he was doing at Milagro's and as it turned out, he was in town shooting a movie called - "Cowboys & Aliens" . It sounds alright, I know it's going to be entertaining because Adam's going to be in it too. Honestly, Adam could be on a packet of cheese and it'd still be great!

After that, me & Kathy went to Evangelo's, which was a club right across the street. It was cute, it was hee/haw bar upstairs and a hip hop club downstairs in the basement. The layout reminded me of L.A.'s *Los Amigo's* back in Lawrence, Kansas. We hung out there for the rest of the night and got our groove on.

Oh man, I was dancing next to this white couple and that guy, started doing these crazy footloose moves and it was all good until he accidently kicked me in the knee cap real hard with his footloose moves. And the he was all, "sorry about dude, but hey, try do my moves, copy me" , and I was just standing there holding my knee cap, looking at him like, "look muthafucker, you just knocked me in my knee cap real hard and now you want to me copy your dumb ass" ? So of course, I grab my good knee and start copying him like a dumb ass. Who am I not to keep the party going?

Alright ya'll, thanks for checking in!

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