Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yay! I got tipped a dollar tonight !!

How awesome is that. I just came back from performing at the Punchline Comedy Club in San Francisco and had a wonderful time. After my performance, I really don't think the front row will ever feel the same way about hearing the happy birthday song ever again, just a hunch. One of the ladies in the front row tipped me a dollar, that was nice but I asked her to give the dollar to her man and have him shove it down my shirt instead, call me jaded. What did I do to have something like that happen to me in the first place some of you maybe asking yourselves, well, I really hate to give it away so you guys will just have to make a better effort to see me do stand up comedy on stage someday but know this, it was fun.

I really haven't blogged about comedy in a while, wow, I almost wrote that like I have an actual life.

Let see, I think I stopped blogging about comedy because I wasn't getting anywhere with it. And to be honest, who wants to hear me whine & bitch about show business. I don't mind talking about it once in a while but I've been trying to keep my other interest abroad. Oh snap, did I just a big word - abroad? I think abroad means sexy or something?

Anyhoo, I was stressing a little this week because I've been dieting & excercise for the past 8 weeks and I'm exactly where I started 8 weeks ago. Ain't that some shit. On a more postive note, I must've logged about 50 miles of jogging time on my calender since I started a couple months back, that's good but still, I need to stop snacking heavily after my runs, that's what kicking my butt. And because of it, this past weekend I gave into two of my old vices, cigarretes and soda. I know, I'm so bad. Usually when I drink pepsi or coke at night, the caffiene keeps me up into the wee hours of the morning but this weekend, after a little puff puff and some fizzle fizzle, I was out cold. I can't remember sleeping that good in a while. Thank goodness somebody called in the morning otherwise I probably would've slept the entire afternoon. And just for clarification, just because somebody called this morning doesn't mean that I actually dragged my lazy ass out've bed to pick up the phone, hell no darlings, that's why we have a answering machine.

In the afternoon, we did manage to make it the Contemporary American Indian Arts Festival at the Yerba Buena Gardens in SF. My main goal for going was to distribute my show flyers and announce it for this upcoming August. When it comes to my big shows, I'm all about the promotion baby! The festival was nice. Every year they wonderful Native entertainment and do such a great job putting it together. I performed it a couple of years ago and had a great time.

Before I headed out to SF tonight, I was able to watch the second episode of the new True Blood series on HBO. OMG, I so love that show. The kiddies can keep the Twilight series, I'll take slutty vampires and naked werewolves from that show any day of the week.

Alright darlings, have a wondeful week and stay happy!


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