Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You Give Great Toe

Hey guys, here's a love letter from this dude who was into my feet, I thought it was very sweet but in a very weird way.

Hey Charlie :¬D !!!
I guess I finally got around to sitting in front of My computer again, :¬) You have some very peculiar ways... I was wondering why You wouldn't let Me walk You to Your vehicle. Man, I really enjoyed Your company last night despite Your "frosty" disposition.
I enjoyed EVERYTHING, GOD! it sure beats the hell out anything that I could imagine or simulate in My Mind, My dick is so satisfyingly sore but because YOUR SEXY BIG FEET were there I AM LOVING the FEELING :¬D
Man! I'm getting concrete hard right now visualizing how You were alternately gripping & stroking Me between the BIG & 2nd TOES of Your right & left FEET...I remember You to Me that I will NOT be seeing You around for a long time, so I guess I better try hard as hell to hang onto the sensation and feeling of how the SOLES of YOUR FEET against My skin, how My nipples feel between YOUR TOES, how it felt when You dug YOUR TOES into My nut sac & played with My balls with the TIPS of YOUR BIG TOES and how You used them to explore the opening of My piss hole.
And then when YOU made come with YOUR SOLES and TOES...You TURNED ME OUT CHARLIE!!! So now I am ...will be cursed to BURN in LUST and be CONSUMED by FIRE for YOU in YOUR ABSENCE - NO other MAN that has ever touched down on My sacred ground with His FEET and has walk there has ever had that effect and has so thoroughly drained My reservoirs out !!! :¬D
Anyway, My Friend, I hope that You do come around again before I launch off to Europe for 1 year... :¬)
oh! another thing, My Friend keep Your heart warm for those Who are warm to You...don't turn cold, stay warm, You are a warm Person.. do NOT let the ravages, the frozen wastelands and the dysfunctional neurotic souls You encounter in this so called "gay" life or world change You into another cold person who treats everyone like a commodity for sexual conquest to be used and then discarded.
Stay connected with Your Soul and remember Who You are, remember Your humanity but what I'm saying to You does NOT mean that You must disarm Yourself & be vulnerable to the world, but what I'm saying is to be warm, don't harm anyones' spirit with coldness or disregard, and also for You to avoid Yourself being harmed by exposing Yourself to people who are already cold and lost to their own humanity...
for Your information, would have loved to cuddle with You afterwards, demonstrate My warmth and genuine liking for You Charlie ;¬) there's more to You than just Your feet, Man! Although they have the "effect" of giving You the status of a GOD in the way I respond to You, ha-ha-ha!!! :¬D


Well I don't know about all that but I can tell you guys this, I'm done with fetish dating, it's just not my thing.

However, there is more guy out there that I have score to settle with, so if he's reading this blog, my aching titty's are waiting for you..


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