Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Classy Lady

One of my favorite tv shows on air right now is Housewives of New Jersey. Out've all the Housewives shows on Bravo, this is the only show that caught my interest and held it. I don't know what it is about these NJ Housewives but they're all very charming and very likable. I've tried watching the other Housewife shows but they all they seem contrive, not these girls.

Every show has it's hero and villan, for the NJ Housewives reality star Danielle Staub has been dubbed as the villan. If you follow the show, say what you will but as far as I'm concerned, none of those ladies are perfect, they've all been flagrant at one time or another but maybe that's what America likes about them, I know I do. After all, that's what makes tv interesting, right?. I mean really, who gonna wanna watch some boring Housewive show where all they all do is sit around on their asses and complain about menopause, I know I don't.

So anyhoo, to get back on track. Danielle is one of my favorite cast members, she brought the house down last season with the book confrontation. And since then, the rest of the Housewives cast members have been trying to rub her out, socially of course.

The 2nd season of NJ Housewives has been great so far. Every castmember has become even more luvable the more we watch them.

In the latest incident, Theresa confronted Danielle outside the bathroom at the Fashion show and it lead into a real ugly cat fight. One of the buttons that set Theresa off was when Danielle said, "oh yeah, you're house in fore-closure" ! After the dust settled, Theresa went on camera and said everything was fine and their house was fine.

So today in the yahoo news, Theresa and her husband filed for bankruptcy. Ain't that some shit. I guess Danielle was right. I read that article and it said they're auctioning off there real estate items to try and pay off there huge debt, which was somewhere around 11 million. Holy fucking crap, are you kidding me? I personally owe 500$ on my credit card people and I know that's going to take atleast take 5 years to pay off because I'm on the 10$ a month plan.

So anyone who watches the show is expecting Danielle Stuab to make some negative comments about Theresa's situation at the reunion show. Knowing this, I had to tweet Danielle Staub on Twitter to see what she's going to do. Everyone can think whatever they want about her but I have this gut feeling she's a good person. So I tweeted her to see what she's going to do and here's what she tweeted back!

@daniellestaub just saw Theresa's bankruptcy blog, everyones expecting negative comments from you, don't, show them the classy lady you are

@CharlieBallard I've no interest in kicking someone when they are down Thank you for believing in me love thank you

Well there you have it folks. Was I right or was I right? I can't wait for the reunion show, I'm already making popcorn.


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