Sunday, July 11, 2010


My weight loss challenge is a serious thing to me. I want everyone to know that. I didn't start my facebook weight loss challenge to make fans or to try to promote my name. I genuinely started that page so I could track my eating habits and use it as a guide to help curtail what I've been doing wrong. So far, it's been challenging because my weight has really been a yo yo for the past 10 weeks. That's mostly been due to my poor eating habits. Like I'd run 4 times a week and then eat pizza, a phillycheese steak sandwich, cheeseburgers, fries, milkshake, and whatever else thinking my active body would burn those extra calories off, I was so wrong.

Maybe that state of mind might've worked when I was in my teens or possibley in my 20's but I'm in my 30's now and I know my metabolism has slowed down a lot. I know this because I don't even dance at the clubs like I use to.

When I was young club kid, I remember seeing these older queens who looked really good for their age and I asked them how they did it. They said you have to watch what you eat and excercise. They said it gets harder when you get older because your body doesn't process like it use to when you're younger. So I kept that with me all the time.

This blog is about devotion and I need to show my readers and anyone else following my diet challenge that I'm very serious about this. So the only thing I could think of elimating from my fatty ways were my frequent eater stamp cards. So here they are in no particular order.

- My 75% employee meal discount card from work. My work comes out with new menus quarterly and gives there employees a discount card so they can try the new food at a discounted price. This one was a little hard to tear up, I mean really, who can turn down paying for a meal that is 75% off? I think the cheap side of me hung on to this one more than the fat side of me.

- My Japanese Sweets card is from a cute little store on Market street in SF. It's a Japanese store that sells gourmet Japanese treats. This one I'm kind've glad to get rid of, I have to spend a lot of money there to get 10% off in the end. I mostly go to this store to buy distant friends candies and then send it off to them.

- Oh, this next card was really hard to tear up. It was from the PhillyCheese Steak Sandwich shop in Oakland. I absolutely love their sandwiches! They're so yummy. This is probably the place that was kicking my ass the most after my runs, because after I was done jogging, I'd walk into their store, order a sandwich, fries w/chz sauce, and act like a suave about it. They advertise their sandwiches as habit forming and I believe me when I say that is the truth.

- The next card I tore up was from Papalote Mexican grill in SF. This one was easy to tear up because I hardly ever went there.

- Zog Dogs on Market street in SF. I'm not really a hot dog person, *go figure* but I kept this one mostly because there was this really cute guy who worked the counter there. And honestly, I really only went there to check him out. Yup, he was that cute.

- Hot Dog on a Stick in Santa Monica, CA. I am, however a corn dog person! I discovered this place on the Santa Monica Pier a couple years ago when I was on down time from doing comedy shows in L.A. I love there corn dogs, they make them fresh from the batter and they taste crunchy and delish. Not to mention some of there corn dogs counter guys are cute too. Wow, out've all the cards I ripped up, I really wanted to save this one and use it as a reward but you know what... I really think if I just keep this one, I'll be fucking myself up in the long run.

So there it is folks. There's the metaphorical weight I've been holding onto all these years.

And tonight when I stopped at the 7-11 store for a snack, guess what I bought. Instead of buying my usual Hawaiin Punch and candy bar, I bought the Sobe 0 calorie flavored water and the fat free fig newtons.

It's about healthy choices people!


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