Tuesday, August 17, 2010

SF International Comedy Competition

Wow guys, fabulous news! After auditioning at the Club Deluxe in SF tonight, I just got into this year's San Francisco International Comedy Competition 2010.

Wow, are you kidding me? I can't believe it, I'm super duper excited.

Honestly, I don't even care about winning, I just want to be apart of it and go have so much fun!

I actually wanted to be apart of the competition when I was a newbie and I'm so glad I didn't enter the competition back in the day because I would've been so unprepared and not ready. Even now I have a good handle on my stand up but I know l still have so much to learn.

Robin Williams, Ellen Degeneres, Sinbad are some of the names that are synoymous the SF International Comedy Competition. But what most people don't know, so are Roseanne Barr and Margaret Cho. Rosie and Margaret never made it to the finals and look how there careers ended up. So anyway you look at it, only good things can come from this competition.

I'm on such an incredible high and it feels wonderful, in lieu of this occasion, I decided to drink a small glass of Pepsi tonight, which means I'll be staying awake a little bit longer than normal, which is fine because right now sleep is the last thing on my mind. Yay!

My mom is funny, she said the same thing Kori Ono said tonight, "I really hope you're not planning on showing your titty's during the competition" . I think most of my readers should know by now how I reacted to that and if you don't, then you should probably stop reading my blogs.

Alright guys, I'm in the 2nd group from the 21st - 26th!

Wish me luck!


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