Monday, August 16, 2010

Sugar Daddy Week

This blog is dedicated to every lazy woman out there who doesn't want to get a job and depend on some old gheezer to pay her Sprint bill, go girl.

Here's the most wanted Sugar Daddy in the world, only because he's so old and about to die. It's no coincidence that he's has more playboy models around him than every before, they're all vying for a spot in his will. Better work hard ladies and put it in overtime if you want some of that furniture!

This is music mogel Phil Spector, only God and Phil know how much money this man really has. Ladies, if you're going after his gold I give you mad props, you'd have to be one pretty dedicated gold digger to wake up to that every morning.

This is Gerry Buss, owner of the L.A. Lakers, this man reeks of scotch and viagra. I'd be scared of him going down on me only because it looks like his dentures might fall out.

Bill Maher is one of the most astute political comedians of our time, if you're into crossword puzzles, he might be a match for you.

Oh girl... oh girl.... Steven Tyler makes great music but oh girl.... she looks like she need a warm towel on her forehead...

I saved the best for last, movie star Harrison Ford aged very well, if there was any old hunk who I'd want to die on top of me or below me for that matter, I'd want it be Harrison.

So there you have it ladies, start your engines!


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