Friday, September 10, 2010

Vitched Out

This week I've been helping part of the queer comedy sketch group, the Gay Mafia, with their, "Vitch Slapped" , run during the SF Fringe Festival. My job is to hang up the white bed sheet on the wall that acts like a movie screen. It actually works great. Here's the link below to see who I've been working with:

So far it's going great. I'm not able to fully volunteer my time with them because I have to work during the day. Today was really busy at the restaurant and then like the good samaritan I am, I still made time to go around to the hotel concierge desks and pass out flyers for their shows.

After I was done passing out flyers, I hung out downtown until the evening show started to help set up.

There are some good shows in this year's SF Fringe Festival. This Saturday I'm going to go watch, "Phone Whore" , it's about this big girl whose a phone sex operator. It should be good. I guess as long as you have a sexy voice, you can look however you want across the other phone line because really, whose going to know the difference? However, with today's technology, I'm sure Skype could change all that. And besides, I didn't think phone sex operators were still around, I thought they faded out in the late 80's with shrinky dinks.

Alright ya'll, just wanted to check in and let ya'll know what I've been up to!


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