Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Waiting for my first cute stalker!

I know this is bad but since myspace turned on it's new app - my stalkers.. or oooppss..uurr.. I mean uh.. "my visitors" , I've been waiting for some cute stalkers to stop by on my myspace page.

I'm pretty sure all myspace users now have a new choice where you can turn either leave it on or turn it off and continue to cruise anonymously. Whatever.

I really do appreciate everyone who stops by and reads my blogs. I just have this fantastic fantasy that one of my readers is a huge gay porn star and when my page shows that he stopped by, I'm going to send him a note saying, "thanks for stopping by" and then he's going to send me a note back saying, "oh, you caught me" and then after that, we're both going to strike up an interesting conversation, get to know each other and then a year down the road he's going to dedicate his next gay porn movie to me. He's gonna say look for him half way through the movie throwing a wink at the camera and that's for me.

hehee... I loves my imagination!


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