Tuesday, October 26, 2010


As my family and friends have come to know me, they will tell you guys that on some days I can be a complete and utter bitch.

The best way I can explain living the life of a bitch is threw Ann Rice's novel, "Queen of the Damned" . Before I started reading her book, the first question I had to ask myself was, "what were the circumstances and events that lead her into being the vampire queen" . Ann Rice is great author because every good writer anticipates these questions and delivers the answers to their readers.

I'd probably say half way threw the book Ann answered my question. I guess the Queen, before she was a vampire and still human, summoned these two witch sisters to her castle to display their power, and when the Queen experienced their natural magic, she was enraged because all the dogmatic and religious views from which she was raised, seem liked lies compared to what was happening right in front of her.

If some of you guys were actually able to follow me threw all that, that's actually not what made the Queen a bitch. What made the Queen a bitch is how afterwards when the witches refused to share their magic with her, she punished one of the them by imprisoning her and gauging her eyes out. So from there, the other sister witch got revenge by cursing the Queen with a dark spirit thus turning her into a vampire.

The way I look at Ann Rice's novel, the queen was a rotten apple before she became a vampire, so everything after that is extra.

What turns me into a super bitch are seeing people's crappy attitudes towards each others. I was always raised to believed that you should treat people with kindness and compassion and to this day, I still believe that. But when I see people doing ignorant shit, it irks me, shuts me down, and makes me not want to wanna fuck with them.

Okay now this is where I get real. If anyone ever see's me dogging people out, talking shit about them without merit, or just plain being flat out being rude and nasty, that's not being a bitch, that's just somebody being a poor excuse for a human being. A sassy diva with mega attitude I might be but not stupid and pathetic, so please don't confuse the two.

Most people wonder why I don't say hi when I see them and it's probably because I just had a long day at work and need a minute to relax to myself. Sorry but people drive me crazy and my personal time out's are much needed.

The best attitude I have in dealing with people is if you don't make it all about you then I won't make it all about me. And it never hurts to be nice, if you play your cards right, being nice may just get you a blow job.

I hope this helps but probably not, still it was fun to write.


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