Sunday, October 31, 2010

New goals

It's inventory time where I have to declare what I want in life and go after it!

Here's what I got so far!

1) get a woman pregnant
2) bleach my anus
3) buy a body cream that will make my stretch marks go away
4) write jokes that don't have anything to do with being Gay, Native American or dick.
5) get laid more
6) suck quality dick
7) be less of a bitch
8) make new friends who don't turn out to be pricks
9) give in to finally using a dildo
10) get more television credits
11) do more charity work
12) make a shit load more $$$ doing comedy and other related projects
13) either move to L.A. or NYC
14) buy a car
15) get new headshots for Native Magazine
16) buy new clothes/shoes
17) get my new stand up DVD to the masses
18) find a cute a boyfriend
18) start living my life


1 comment:

  1. This is a pretty cool list you have here. I like number 2 and 7. We share the same sentiments. =)