Saturday, October 9, 2010

Only One Blog Hit Today?

C'mon people, really? Only one blog hit today? Okay, I know I've been away from my blogs for two day's and then all of a sudden everybody abandon's me? Let's go people, give a black sister a chance.

Alright, I really gotta keep this short because it's 4am and I really should be in bed.

Yesterday was cool. I rode down with the CAL Women's Volleyball team on Southwest Airlines and tonight we cheered them on as they beat the UCLA Bruins in 4 games. Go Bears!

Also, as I got onto the Bus shuttle, I ran into some Anishnab's from Mt. Pleasant, MI. They're in town for the San Manuel Powwow. They know my family from Mt. Pleasant so I thought that was pretty cool.

Yesterday I picked up Kathy and we went to the Fubar for Big Dick Thursdays. I don't know, I guess BDT is losing it's steam because it just seemed like another ho-hum night in the WeHo. Okay people, you know I'm totally lying, I'm just saying it was boring so I don't have to stay up all night blogging about what really happened. Let's just say I saw some of my favorite celeb's out and there was big penis's everywhere!

Today was great. I picked up Kathy and we went to the IHOP to work on our questionaires for the, "Rally Across America" , audition. This audition is why I came to town in the first place. So as we were filling out our bubbles, that's when Pacey pulls up, he drove all the way down from the Bay Area to audition with us. Unfortunately, the casting people only picked me and Pacey to interview. The interveiw process went great! I'll blog more about that at a later time.

Afterwards we went to Hamburger Mary's, got a cheeseburger and watched a dragqueen show. We ended the night at The Abbey where Lyndon got atleast 5 #'s from 5 different dudes and then later on in the night he was gracious enough to give me and Kathy pointers on how to pick up guys. Uh yeah....

Anyhoo, we had a great time this weekend and I can't to see if we get called back in November! Wish us luck!


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  1. Man, I haven't had a single-hit day since 2008. Tough crowd. :)

    -Charlie Ballard