Monday, October 18, 2010

The Princess and her cellphone

This fairytale blog is inspired by my recent outing in Phoenix, Arizona this past weekend, enjoy!

Once upon a time there was a Princess who always kept losing her cellphone. Some princess's sleep, some make thread, and some clean houses but this princess was always known for losing her cellphone.

At first when she started losing her cellphone, it was cute but then after a while it got annoying because everyone was always having to update her phone #.

So anyhoo, one night she decided to hang out at the club with the Wicked Diva Witch and guess what, the Princess lost her cellphone again. She tried blaming the Wicked Diva Witch saying she must've put a curse on her because she was never able to keep her cellphone whenever she hung out with the Wicked Diva Witch but then the Wicked Diva Witch was like, "girl please.. I cast spells, not dropped calls"..

To make a long fairytale short, the Princess got her cellphone replaced because she has cellphone insurance and the Wicked Diva Witch went back to the dance floor because she's fierce like that..

The moral to this fairytale.."stop blaming other bitches for your problems" ...


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