Saturday, October 2, 2010

You Better Work Girl !

If anyone's been following Project Runway Season 8, an early stand out favorite is Mondo Guerra. He's a fashion designer from Denver, CO. What makes Mondo unique is his ability to synchronize a myriad of bold fresh colors and eye catching prints. I can go on about Mondo's talent.. blah blah blah...

But what made Mondo special this week was how he was able to mesh his personal background with fashion and make wearable art. This past week on Project Runway, Mondo revealed his HIV + background. The design challenge was to create a personal textile that represents the designer, so that's what he did, he created a very fashionable print of his HIV + status.

The final result was AMAZING! It was contemporary, fashion forward, and everything that would make Nina Garcia scream in her panies. (see pic below)

Much kudo's to Mondo for sharing his story. Michael Kors said it best,

"and he's taking something that could be really be an incredibly difficult situation and he's saying no, you know what, I'm gonna find the postive in this, the message was fabulous"

"everyone in life, regardless of what you do, you're gonna have difficult moments and I think he showed us today, he's going to work with the difficulties in his life and not let them stop him, if anything they're going to propel him" .

Well said Michael!

For anyone not clued into the depth of this blog, this is what hope feels like! ♥

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