Friday, November 26, 2010

Hey World !!

Welcome to my blog! I'd like to welcome all the International folks who've been stopping to read my blog lately. For some reason, I thought most of my blog hits were coming from the states but to my great surprise people from all over the world have been visiting my blog, so thank you! Today I just had somebody visit from Nigeria. Wow!

I suppose formal introductions are a little late considering I've been blogging on here for about a year now but here it goes.

My name is Charlie Ballard and most of you may have seen my Outlaugh comedy clip circulating on youtube or facebook, right now it has about 70,000 hits on youtube. It'd probably have about a 100,000 hits by now if the person who originally downloaded the podcast didn't delete it. The reason why she deleted it was because everytime someone left a nasty commment, I would log in and leave a nasty little comment back to the person who was talking shit, I was saying stuff like, "what the fuck is your problem, why you gotta be such an asshole" , so seeing as it was becoming more of a problem, that's why she decided to let it go, and that's when I decided to download it and start dealing with all the drama myself. It hasn't been all drama, I've gotten about 90% of positive feedback. Here's one of my favorite picture stills from the show:

That clip is about 4 years old and it definitely introduced me to the world, and still does.

Okay so like I said, that clip is 4 years old and I'm not trying to be that forever. The only problem is that I've tried to get my other work out there and I've had a bunch of doors slammed in my face. A big one this year was with America's Got Talent, I was able to get on the tv show but those fuckers booed me off the stage because they didn't want to hear any my gay jokes. So where does this leave me, I have to prove those assholes that they were wrong and show them there is a market for my brand of entertainment. Hollywood is weird when it comes gay entertainers. Their characters and stories are geared towards specific genders and archetypes, meaning that if I wanted to get work as an openly gay artist, I'd have to play a hairdressor, a cheer coach, some bitches gay BFF. Fuck that, I consciencely made a decision coming into this knowing and believing that I'm going to mold my own destiny and be whatever the fuck I want to be.

And speaking of personal will, my first live stand up comedy DVD is being cut & edited as we speak. As soon as it's ready, I'm going to start subimitting it to Native and LGBT film festivals all over. So rather than wait for some asshole to give me an opportunity, I'm going to do it myself, and get my shit out there myself! Yeah boy-ee!! <<--- that's 1990's rapper slang from Chuck D and Flavor Flay

I'm still a celebrity in training and have gotten better at dealing with the public. Instead of lashing out and leaving negative comments back at the haters, I just decided not to respond to them anymore.

I'm sure most of you may have tracked me down threw my website and that's awesome. Thanks for clicking you way here to my blogs!

I decided to start blogging a couple of years ago out've sheer boredom. I'm glad I stuck with it because my stand up comedy career has been quite a journey and I'm glad I've been logging it. If you guys flip threw this past year, you'll find all kinds of blogs about comedy, sex, and food.

Actually, my most read blog on here is:

How to Make Love like a Gay Man

Go to the month of April and you'll find it there.

I really do love blogging because for me, it's my outlet. If something is pissing me off or annoying me, more than likely this is place where I'm going to talk about it. Blogging consistantly has turned out to be a great form of therapy for me.

When I'm feeling raw, explicit, nasty and low down dirty, then that's how I'm going to write. I don't feel like that all the time but when I do, I don't hold back. But like I was saying earlier, I do strive for variety in my blogs and try to cover as many topics as possible so my readers don't get finicky. <-- that's an expression used for restless cats when they eat the same cat food all the time.

I don't mean to draw a visual for everything I write but since I have a few International readers, most of thema probably aren't familiar with American customs or slang, that's why I have to fill them in.

Alright guys, I really can't express enough gratitude for everyone stopping by to see how my days are going, feel free to flip threw my posts and I love hearing from you guys and so do my other readers.


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