Saturday, November 27, 2010

International Blog Reader Contest

Hey guys! I just learned how to use the Google translator on the Internet and I can't decide which langauage to use for my first International blog?

So I decided let my International blog readers help me on this one.

At the end of each month, whioh ever country I get the most hits from is the language I'm going to use for a special blog dedicated to that country. For instance, for the month of November, I got 48 hits from South Korea!

So here's a special little note to all my South Korean reader(s) in there native language!

한국 남성은 정상입니다.
그들이 내 옷을 벗고 나와 해당 국가의 체포 얻을 것이다 장소에서 자신을 간질 싶어합니다.
그것은 항상 한국 사람이 샌드위치에 내 꿈 이었으니까요. 당신이 피클이있다면 난 탕수육이있어!


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