Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sexiest Man Alive

Okay so People magazine came out with Sexiest Man Alive issue and this year's winner is actor Ryan Reynolds. *pictured below*

Whatever. I flipped threw the magazine pictures and found another hottie who should've took this year's title and the real winner is actor JAKE GYLLENHAAL. Look at Jake's picture below and tell me if this picture doesn't make you want to rip his clothes off, I know I do!

I think Jake didn't make the cut for Sexiest Man Alive because of Broke Back Mountain, seriously. For all my foreign readers out there, the movie Broke Back Mountain is a love story about these two "straight" cowboys who fuck there way threw the Wyoming mountains, the acting is shitty but the loves scenes are awesome.

After doing Broke Back Mountain, I really think the Hollywood community decided to label Jake as a black sheep, whatever, Jake took a huge career risk playing a gay character and he should've been rewarded for it, not condemned. I thought the whole point of acting was to take on challening roles that expand our horizons?

His co-star in Broke Back was Australian actor Heath Ledger. Hollywood treated Heath the same way when he was alive. When Heath came out with a romantic comedy called Cassanova actress Kiera Nightly said it was redemption for doing Broke Back Mountain. Fuck you Kiera, I never liked any of her movies anyways. I hope her character dies in the next Pirates of the Carribian movie. RIP Heath, you're wonderful! ♥

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