Friday, November 19, 2010

South Korea Fan

Of all the people who've been visiting my blog page lately, the most obscure blog fan I had was from South Korea but then it occured to me that it might be this really cute guy I use to chat with on

On a cold lonely night such as this one, I was looking for some intimacy online and found this guy whose screen name was Adam4love. Isn't that just the sweetest screen name you've ever heard in your life? I immediately got good vibes from him and pursued interest. You guys have to admit, upfront his screen name was already a winner because it was so original and genuine compared to the cock4u or jethro69's out there.

Anyhoo, this guy turned out to be a mixed martial artist and a banker, I know hot right? He was also half white and half Korean. If any of you guys are envisioning one hot piece of man hunk, this would be him. Like most gay men on, I think he was just looking for something to play around with and seeing what's out there.

I really tried to make myself available to him but he wasn't interested. That's too bad because if anybody knows me, they would've told you that I would've bought an airplane ticket to South Korea to check him out. This is really how enamored I was by him, after chatting with him several times I changed my screen name to charlie4love, crazy huh.

Looking back on it, I was so stupid, hard up and desperate. I guess that's what loneliness does to you. I guess I could be one of those horny gay guys that frequents bathhouses looking for anonymous sex but I'm soooo over that scene.

If my true love really is out there, he really is taking his sweet fuckin time finding me.

With that, I'm going to keep fighting the good fight by making myself available and being by friendly to the male masses. Hopefully with any luck, I'll find someone around my age who isn't damaged goods and that has good wood for me.


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