Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stripper night again?

How do I always manage to end up at a gay bar on stripper night?

We pulled into Grand Rapids, Michigan., late this evening and we were hauling ass so we could make it to the mini Native Film Festival that GVSU was hosting this evening as apart of Native Heritage Month.

When we arrived, we were greeted by a few Saginaw Chippewa tribal members who were hanging out in the quad area. They were pretty nice, as it turns out, they're the major sponsors for help bringing me in for next week's show. So the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Mt. Pleasant gets a big shout out, me-gwetch!

We went inside the GSVU campus and found the Loosemore auditorium where I'm going to be performing and it was beautiful. I'm sooooo looking forward to giving them a great show!

Right now it's about 1:30am Eastern time, I just got back from the local gay bars from where I was promoting the show. First, I went to Club Division and there was nobody there and I mean nobody. It's a cute club but for whatever reason, it just wasn't poppin there tonight. And the main reason it was probably wasn't poppin was because the entire crowd was at Rumor's, which was hosting gay stripper night. The crowd at Rumors was pretty live and I was really impressed with the energy, you could just tell the people were there to have a good time.

Now, as some of you may have been keeping track of my blogs, whenever I travel I always somehow manage to end up in a seedy gay strip joint and I always give you guys the low down on what the gay strippers are like because really, that's how you can tell you a lot about the gay culture, town and area you're in.

These strippers were a little on the old side, the crowd didn't seem to mind. My favorite gay stripper was, "Thunder" , he was really good. There must've been about 20 girls waiting for him to give them a quick lap dance on stage and I could see why, he was good. In the short time he was was with them, he made them all feel very special, whether it was picking them up, flipping them around, or passionately riding their backside. I actually learned a few moves from watching him so you guys know he had to be that good.

Because there was a live hot crowd, that's when I got the bright idea to make an annoucement for my upcoming show at GSVU. "Diamond" , the dragqueen emcee was really cool about it, she gave me a nice little shout out and was very pleasant about it. The crowd actually gave me an applause break when they heard my credits, I was like, "Wow" ! So we'll see what kind've crowd we draw next week!

I also got a mini tarot card reading at Rumor's. She was good, I enjoyed listening to her divinational interpretations. One thing was funny though, she kept sneezing during my reading. And then she said, "you know what I always believe, everytime you sneeze around someone that means they're psychic" , and then she went on to sneeze like 10 times in a row. Ho-wa! I said, "are you sure it isn't because I've been up since 7am and haven't showered since" ? I'm not psychic just stinky.

Anyhoo, I'm going to bed but not before I hit my ass with a nice bar of soap!

Goodnight everyone!


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  1. Was it Club Division or Diversions? My friend Melissa took first place in a Karaoke contest there, the finals were held at Grand Rapids Pride.

    I'm sorry the psychic sneezed on you. I hope you drank your Orange Juice. Traveling is tough on the immune system and we can have you getting sick before Tuesday. Take your vitamins! XOXO!