Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bad Ideas for Tattoo's

I pulled these down from the Ellen Dengeneres website, the theme was, "Bad ideas for Tattoo's" , some of them are cute and some of them are well... scary.


Who doesn't love Bob Barker?

OMG, I thought this one was the cutest, he's gettinh his hair lawnmowed!

This one is creative and gross. I will never look at anyone's belly button the same ever again.

Now this is a bad idea for a tattoo - Conan O'Brian, really ???

My sign would've said "Warning: Must wear hard hat when entering this area"

This one was cute. There were many people who had tat's of their children and pets. That's not a bad idea for a tat. Who doesn't love their children?

If Judge Judy can be a pin up so can I.

Life little saying are good but this could atleast have been done in Chinese.

I'll give anyone mad props for getting a tattoo because that's a sign of somebody's whose commmittive. Maybe someday I'll get a tatoo. I think I just realized why I've never had a boyfriend because maybe I have a fear of committments. Wow, that was like Zen or something. And this probably explains why I hate anything with the word permanent attached to it.



  1. So not only is the cats ass blown out but so is his belly button? I give that one "3 wtf's" out of 4


  2. English is terrible.
    Hard to read.
    Are you 11?