Friday, December 17, 2010

Blues Traveler - Run-Around

I don't know why but I'm really loving this song right now!

The music video to this song is great, basically it's about a band whose being fronted by a prettier non talented rock band. It's kind've fucked up if you think about it but that's Hollywood for you. It's not bad enough you have to be super talented to make it in this business but you also have to be easy on the eye as too, whatever.

I get really good vibes from the lead singer John Popper. Here's a really nice comment from one of his fan's on youtube:

I saw the lead singer John Popper at a gas station in Hollywood when this song was out. This homeless man went up to him and asked us if we could spare some change for food. Popper reached into his car and gave the guy his food he had just purchased. It was a cool thing to do.

I asked John, "Hey aren't you that leader singer from Blues Traveler?" He was very popular at the time.

He responded, "No. But I get that all the time".
I knew it was him though, he's very distinguishable.


Happy Holidays Everyone!

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