Saturday, December 18, 2010

Candice Crawford

Hey guys, I'm trying this new thing to draw in more blog readers. So I came up with this idea to blog about current trends according to

So for the life of me, when Candice Crawford's name popped up, I couldn't figure out who she is? I did a Wikipedia search on her and so far she's pretty normal, no drama, no scandels, just some all american white girl who use to be a former Miss Missouri.

She must've done something really fabulous to make her way on today's top 10 current trends and I think I figured out what she did to get some buzz about her.

Candice recently got engaged to Dallas Cowboys QB - Tony Romo.

That is so sweet and as a sign of his love for Candice, Tony is going to get a tatoo of her name on his neck, just cute. I hope they stay together forever because if not, I hear those neck tat's are painful to take off.

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