Friday, December 10, 2010

Celebrity Sighting

As I was saying, yesterday was fabulous! After watching the Doobie Brothers concert I went to the Stud to get some stage time in.

As much I try to keep myself seperated from other comedians, I have to admit, I do enjoy their company. It's like we're all a bunch of lost souls looking for something but can't seem to find it. And yet, the comedans from SF are the most talented and dedicated bunch of individuals I know. I'm sure I was still a big drunkard or big dope head I probably get along better with them but since I don't partake in that life anymore, I guess it makes me all business.

So afterwards I went to the Castro to chill out. I don't know why, I was still stinky from work and had to be fuming ass. The first place I stopped in was Badlands. Badlands is the neighborhood gay disco bar in the Castro. I wasn't planning on dancing but when I heard Rihanna's - Pon De Replay, I had to hit the dancefloor. If anyone knows hows to rock a funnky island reggae song, it's Rihanna.

I didn't last at Badlands for too long, so I decided to hit up the Qbar up the street. Local draqueen Juanita More hosts a trendy dance party there everyweek called "Booty" , and when I say it's trendy, I mean trendy. It's totally a hang out for club kids, gay hipsters, and their admirers. The music is usually a mix of deep house, techno, and disco.

Again I was gonna break out because I wasn't feeling it but when Juanita played this super smooth house song with a killer beat, I had to stay. So when I was jamming, guess who dancing right next to me - Mondo Guerra, runner up from this past season's Project Runway. I had to say hello and tell Mondo that I loved his work. And oh, wouldn't you know it, Miss Mondo gave me a little kiss on each cheek. That was so sweet and gracious of her. That really topped off my night.

Alright guys, love, life, happiness, and fashion!


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