Friday, December 17, 2010

Elder Spirits

It feels good not to be in a slutty mood. Yesterday when I wrote my Real Gay Dating Advice Blog, I was in a pissy mood. It seems like that's how I've been able to be deal with my stress lately, whenever someone pisses me off I always seem to end up writing about dick.

My soul hurts, it needs nourishment. Lately I've been getting it from the Dalai Lama. He's such a fascinating man. I hold to my every breathe when that man speaks. You guys don't even know the high esteem I hold the Dalai in. I try not to hold him in too high regard because after all, he's only human and nobodies that perfect. I'm sure there's been instances where he's met somebody pig headed and said to himself, "what a putz" . I love the positivety the Dalai exudes. I would imagine being around him is like being around the comfort of an old friend.

It would absolutely kill me if I ever get the chance to meet the Dalai Lama, we have lunch, and then out've nowhere he's high fives me and says, "You go sister girl" , because that would just seem out've character for him, but I'm sure he was like that, I'd find a way to deal with it like most things in life, it's good to live and let live.

The Dalai Lama makes me think of the traditional Native elders I've met in my life.

The first lady to impact my life was Betty Cooper. She's a Blackfeet elder from Montana. Back in the 1980's the Indian Summer Youth program use to take us camping and she was one of our counselors. What I remember most about Betty is her kindness and compassion. There was a time when this kid said he "lost" his walkman and Betty said she'd replace it for him. I had to be only 10 years old and I knew he was lying. I looked at Betty's face and I knew she could tell he was lying too. So rather than call him out about it, she went and bought him a new walkman without any questions. That's why I love that lady, she has a big heart.

The second lady to impact my life was in college, oh golly, I don't even remember her name, I just remember she ran the first sweatlodge I ever participated in. I was walking my friend Liz back to our dorm and she suggested that I attend a sweatlodge ceremony with her that evening. I wasn't doing anything else that evening so I thought why not. I mainly went bebecause I took that as a sign it was time to clean up my life. I was trying to quit drinking and was having a difficult time walking away from it.

This past November me and my mom went back to Michigan for a family re-union. While we were back there, the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe sponsored a tribal health and wellness seminar in conjunction with there Fall Feast. During one of the sessions, we attended with Water lecture with Pumpkin and that's when I had another one of those moments when you know you're supposed to be at a certain place talking to certain people.

I once asked Betty's daughter Theda how someone so pitiful such as myself could have made it through life and she said our spirits are looked over by a counsel. So the way I understand it, we have elder spirits watching over us, protecting us, helping us, and guiding us to making sure we don't lose our way.

So to the Creator and the guiding elder spirits, Me-Gwetch *Thank You* ! My pitiful soul could not have made it this far without you guys. Me-Gwetch!

I know the Creator has a plan for me because that's how I ended up in comedy.

Sometimes I know when the elder spirits gather because I can feel them talking about me. I can hear them saying, "is he still talking about dick" ?


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