Saturday, December 11, 2010

Go Bears

Alright, I just got through watching volleyball all day on ESPNU and CAL made it to the Women's Volleyball Final Four in Kansas City, MO., next week.

First, congrats to them!

Secondly, I wish I could go but there's no way because the airfare is too expensive right now. I've been to most of the CAL's home games all season and it would be tremendous if I could go but since I'm broke and in debt, I guess I'll just have to watch it on ESPN2 this upcoming Thursday.

Seriously, I just got out've debt last month and now I'm in debt again. WTF?

Oh well.

They play USC who kicked their ass both times in conference play. Here's my pick. I"m going to pick CAL over USC. I'm also picking Penn State over Texas in the other semi-final. And for the final, I pick CAL to go all the way! Go Bears and good luck!

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