Sunday, December 5, 2010

Levi Johnston

I hate reading anything about Sarah or Briston Palin. So, the next best thing associated with them is Levi Johnston. For those of you who don't know, Levi is Bristol's baby daddy. Obviously Levi wasn't good enough for the Palin clan which is probably why Sarah kicked his ass to the curb. And I'm almost certain that's why Levi posed for Playgirl, just to piss that bitch off. And when I mean bitch, I mean Sarah Palin. So here are some of Levi's photo's from his Playgirl spread, enjoy!

I like this one alot, it's alluring but not slutty.

This one is good, it's seductive and suggestive.

This one is alright, it doesn't say much other than, "pay me already" .

This is such a guy pose.

You do have to admit, he's got some nice buns!

This is the full image from the top pic, not bad.

I like his eyes in this one.

All in all this is good photo spread for Levi, none of the pics really cross that line into raunch.

I'm not really sure I like this because it's not sexy. I figure if you're going to show your mid-drift, then show it.

As you guys can see, I like to work backwards. Here's Levi with his clothes on. It's no wonder he was approached to do a Playgirl, he does have the All American boy next door look.

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