Friday, December 3, 2010

My Favorite Tweets

Hey ya'll, here are some of my favorite tweets from this past week. I am on Facebook and Twitter so stop stalking me on my blogger and definitely check me out my latest updates and silly tweets on:

So here they are in no particular order:

- got a mouth full of novacaine, you could put a dick in my mouth and I wouldn't know the difference

- Wow, the first celebrity to follow me on twitter is Dave Chappelle, now if he wasn't following 22,000 other people on Twitter I'd almost feel special.

- it's funny how sometimes in life you give people what they want and then you never hear from them again

- facebook is slowing taking away all the thoughts in my head

- is trying to think of something profound to say and the best I can come up with is: I think I left my cornbread in the oven for too long

- It's World AIDS Day! This epidemic has taken more 25 million lives worldwide, get tested and play safe! xoxo

- Gay men are the new big fat white chicks.

- Sometimes I forget how fragile we all are, be well to each other! xoxo

- There are some people that I intentionally don't want to be facebook friends with but yet I leave my profile open so they can see my status updates, pics, vids and what not. And yet that's still not good enough for them. I get a lot of satisfaction knowing their lazy assses have to look me up everytime rather than being on my facebook stream. : )

- I'd rather be alone than unhappy

- I'll never understand why some people on facebook privatize their profiles but then leave their cellphone #'s on their info page? To me, that says you're hard up, sorry.

- there's a gorgeous sunset going on in the Bay Area, right now, I can't see it, someone please take a pic and post it! xoxo

- feels like lowering my inhibitions tonight

- men communicate threw body language if they want sex, once he makes eye contact with you for more than 5 seconds, he yours

- Girls dream of being kissed in the rain. That's so true, when I was kid I use to wish Charlie Sheen would come over to my house from being drenched in the rain.

- How I became a bitch in this life, the hero line was full.

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