Friday, December 31, 2010

Thank You Readers!

Here are my blog reader stats, by country, for the month of December!

United States 930 *hits*
South Korea 72
Canada 33
Malaysia 33
United Kingdom 28
Slovakia 25
Netherlands 24
Denmark 23
Russia 23
France 20

That's awesome, I got 1,200 hits this past month! So whoever you guys are, thank you for stopping by my blog to check it out.

I will say this, my #1 blog is still "How To Make Love Like A Gay Man" . I guess there's still a lot inquisitive people out there who wanna find out how gay men do it to each other in the butt because according to Blogger, the most common key words people use to find my blog are, "making love to a gay man" , or, "how to make love to a gay man" .

That's cool, I can see why the all the Internet search engines have been pointing them my way because there's no pracitical use info on gay sex out there. I've read some hardcover books on gay sex in the gay bookstores and those are no help either.

I'm glad I can make a small contribution to the world wide web, even if it's telling people where to place there ring finger to stimulate a man's anus.


*special note to my hunky male readers, I love hearing from you guys, whether you're in jail, on the road, or on a business trip... say hi sometime! xoxo

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